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How to Get Accurate Moving Estimate?

How to Get Accurate Moving Estimate?

Shortly after you decide to move, many questions will arise in your mind. The major one is “How to get accurate moving estimate?” or “How to move on a tight budget?”


The trick is to transport household items without completely draining your savings account. 

The moving experts at EkoMovers have shared some valuable tips for moving on a budget that will help you keep your moving costs to an absolute minimum.


Get the moving estimate as accurate as possible and save money.


Before you start preparing to move, you should know ​​how much you should spend on a move. Of course, you can never know the exact final total in advance, but you can still get a relatively accurate estimate of the upcoming moving costs. Be aware that some of these moving expenses are not that obvious. It requires a bit of research from you, and you will learn about the hidden costs of moving.


Get and compare moving quotes from several moving companies.


When you have a tight budget and want to move economically, you must compare the quotes you’ve received to choose the best deal for your move. Be aware the best deal is not necessarily the lowest in price. When comparing the offers, pay attention to the additional services such as packing, assembly, and disassembly of furniture and storage services. Also, check if the estimate includes additional costs and fees, and contact the relevant moving company for more information.


Is Moving on your own a solution to moving economically?


Suppose your reliable friends recommend you to move on your own if they have a good moving experience. As per recommendations, you can decide to move on your own. In that case, you should think about what the cost will be in that case. Some examples of the expected costs are renting a moving truck and moving equipment, buying packing materials, hiring additional help, and a little more unforeseen charges.

In most cases, moving on your own can become a disaster and be more expensive than hiring a professional moving company. EkoMovers, a professional moving company, offers you a budget move in Columbus, OH.


Choose your moving date carefully.


Here are more tips on how to save money for your upcoming move. Note the moving date. Almost 70% of all activities occur from May to September, so services peak during this period. Most movers are fully booked in the summer and are usually unwilling to offer you a good deal. If you have flexibility in booking, reserving your move in the off-season is a cost-saving method. Keep in mind that weekends, as opposed to weekdays, tend to be the most expensive moving times, as are the first and last days of each month.


So, consider all of the above information if you are moving on a tight budget and take your unique opportunity to lower the overall moving price by being free to choose the exact date of your upcoming move. If you are flexible, it is also recommended that you book your satisfying job as early as possible because you will have the opportunity to move more cheaply.

Moving on a budget is always challenging, and getting an accurate moving estimate is even more. Yes, spending money you don’t have is not a good idea. So not only do you need to heed the tips above, but you also need to take every opportunity to reduce moving costs even further.


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