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Columbus Movers- 10 Tips for Your First Apartment Move

Moving to your first apartment is exciting; moving to a new house gives you must be aware of these things before packing up. We list some essential tips for your first apartment move. Make the moving process hassle-free with the best Columbus Movers. 

10 Tips for Moving to First Apartment with Columbus Movers

Do a fresh coat of paint

You can personalize your new apartment by adding a fresh coat of paint. Moreover, you can also apply peel-able and removable wallpapers in the rental. These wallpapers can easily remove after you’re moving. Make sure to take permission from your landlord if renting. 

Purchase furniture

Make sure to take correct measurements of the room before moving. You can make out whether your existing furniture fits or not. Mostly, people will need a few basics of furniture when moving to a first apartment. Try to purchase a comfortable bed and couch if your budget allows. 

Keep an extra set of keys

Always remember to have an extra set of keys for your apartment. It would be helpful in case of emergencies. Therefore, you should keep a set of keys with a trusted friend or family member.

Purchase a toolbox

Get a new toolbox if you have not already. Bring this toolbox with you to your new apartment. A portable one is better and more manageable. Toolboxes contain hammers, wrenches, and screwdrivers. Hence, these are essential to hang wall décor and put furniture together. It’s obvious to call a qualified handyperson for the complicated task. Though, you can handle basic modifications with your toolbox.  

Get cleaning supplies  

Before moving inside, you should give your apartment a good clean. You should vacuum and mop all floors. Further, you must clean bathrooms and dust surfaces thoroughly. When purchasing supplies, remember to pick up disinfectant wipes, spray soaps, and vacuum bags. 

Replace old smoke detector batteries

It would be best to replace all old smoke detector batteries with new ones after moving. It is a safe and smart thing to do. Therefore, it’s the only way to prevent the smoke detector constantly chirping. 

Utility Setup

Utilities contain cable, internet, gas, electricity, water, and sewer. Along with these, it also includes a security system, satellite, and trash. You must call all utility service providers before a few weeks of move-in to purchase your first apartment. 

Change your address 

It would be best if you remembered to let your bank know about your moving to a new apartment. Make sure to update your credit card with your new billing address. Along with it, don’t forget to inform your friends and family about your move.

See your neighbors

Introduce yourself to your new neighbors after moving in. You will experience more enjoyable. This way, you will get a sense of community and new friends. Also, your neighbors will greatly appreciate the gesture. 

Figure out trash pickup days 

Don’t forget to ask for trash pickup details from your neighbors. Recycling pickup varies from city to city. For more information, you can contact your city’s sanitation department.

Get your Apartment Move with Columbus Movers

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