Pack Dishes Safely

How to Pack Dishes Safely for Your Move

How to Pack Dishes Safely for Your Move If you’re planning a move and thinking about packing your kitchen, you want to know how to pack your dishes. If you don’t fill your containers, plates, bowls, cups, mugs, and glasses securely, they are likely to break during transport or storage. To avoid this, we give you step-by-step instructions on how to pack your dishes safely for a move. Do I have to use moving boxes for my move? We know that there [...]

Moving Estimate

How to Get Accurate Moving Estimate?

How to Get Accurate Moving Estimate? Shortly after you decide to move, many questions will arise in your mind. The major one is “How to get accurate moving estimate?” or “How to move on a tight budget?”   The trick is to transport household items without completely draining your savings account.  The moving experts at EkoMovers have shared some valuable tips for moving on a budget that will help you keep your moving costs to an absolute minimum.   Get the moving estimate as accurate [...]

Moving Mistakes

Most Common Moving Mistakes

Most Common Moving Mistakes Once the first big cheers about the new apartment are finalized, the real work begins. Moving is like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, relocation opens up many opportunities for a new beginning. On the other hand, the relocation process can quickly end in disaster because of numerous typical moving mistakes that put a heavy strain on the moving budget. It also increases the worries about moving to an unbearable level: wrong moving organization, nasty [...]

House Moving Advise

House Moving Advice

House Moving Advice You may have heard or read on multitudinous occasions that the entire process of moving house can be a stressful experience. An event riddled with unanticipated and chaotic turns and twists that can infrequently be controlled.  Suppose you are moving on a budget. You either know or suspect how delicate the road ahead will be. But don’t despair, as the following house moving advice, ideas, and tricks have been designed with one single purpose in mind to help [...]

Office Relocation

Office Relocation Dos and Don’ts

Office Relocation Dos and Don’ts Moving and stress go simultaneously, but the relocation can be more complicated when employers and employees have to manage work along with the move and can not afford any downtime. Other situations can further complicate the process, such as disorganization and lack of communication between departments. To avoid complications and ensure that your office relocation goes smoothly, here are some crucial recommendations by EkoMovers that employers and Human Resources should follow before, during, and after the [...]

Office Moving Services

Office Moving Services | Tips for a Smooth Move

Office Moving Services Planning an office relocation? Getting the best office moving services at an affordable price is not easy. One of the main tasks before moving office is managing office files. The owners and managers are aware that efficient record keeping is a true lifesaver. Not only should you keep the records following the accounting and tax issues, but the HR department needs to keep the employee documents, contracts, and even the warranty documents. In this fast era of digital [...]


Best Packing Tips

Best Packing Tips Moving is a stressful process, but it is a part of life. Relocation takes time and effort. Whether you move often or pack your bags, it is undoubtedly a hectic process. However, moving and packing can become easy with the best Moving Company-EkoMovers Columbus. We have a devoted team of professional movers. Discover us and leave the moving and packing to us.  There are some approaches to packing and unpacking faster. Packing is not essentially simple for anyone. [...]

Professional Movers

Common Misconceptions about Moving and Professional Movers

Misconceptions about Moving and Professional Movers Moving is the most complex, stressful, and overwhelming event of life. You have to complete all the tasks in a short time. You feel like you never have a moment to relax. Fortunately, you can make this task easier and simple by hiring moving experts. But, when it comes to moving, there are many misconceptions related to moving and professional movers. These misconceptions can lead to damage, several mistakes, loss of your belongings, or [...]