Eco-Friendly Packing

Eco-Friendly Packing: 5 Important Tips For Your Next Move

Eco-Friendly Packing

Currently, the importance of a sustainable moving process has increased. People want an eco-friendly packing and moving process. They want to reduce the impact of their moving on the environment. Start with the usage of eco-friendly supplies. Many moving companies don’t consider environmental factors, thus accumulating a lot of trash in the moving process. But, EkoMovers Columbus, an eco-friendly moving company, is concerned about the environment. We use environmentally friendly practices in our business activities. The following discussion shows five important eco-friendly packing tips for your next move. 

Look Around

Firstly use what’s around you before buying or renting any packing item. The first thing in the packing process is to look around at what you already have and need. It is the first step of the packing process, and many times you can find perfectly reusable packing boxes. For example, you can store items inside a storage ottoman or fill up hampers. Also, you can use reusable shopping bags for clothes and toys. You can use pillows in place of paper to pack fragile belongings, thus consolidating your items with zero-waste. 

Reuse/ Recycle Packing Supplies

Many people overlook reuse and recycle packing materials. They consider them wasteful items. Instead of it, you can use them as packing materials. Try to pack first with materials around you instead of throwing trash bags away. Instead of plastic bubble wrap, you can pack fragile items in blankets and towels. Further, consider sheets and pillowcases for packing your belongings. In this way, you can pack your household items more helpful and eco-friendly. 

Use Biodegradable Packing Supplies

It’s time to buy extra packing materials when all of the towels and table cloths have been used in packing. For eco-friendly packing, you can purchase biodegradable supplies. It is a great way to continue your eco-friendly movement. Call local companies to see who has the best price on ecological supplies. 

Save these materials for the next move or your loved ones once you have done with these supplies. These materials should always be on hand when you need them. Hence, it cuts down your carbon footprint in any way you can. 

Aim to buy or use recycled boxes instead of plastic containers. Call around to your local grocery store and hardware store. See if they have boxes available to take off their hands. 

Hire an Eco-Friendly Moving Company

When searching for a reliable moving company, consider environmental credentials. Does the moving company sell recycled boxes? Do the chosen movers use biodiesel rigs or gas-guzzling trucks? Will the moving company professionals assist you in packing and organizing to use the least possible boxes? 

These questions are enough to select and hire an eco-friendly moving company. You will not need to worry about anything on moving day. EkoMovers Columbus will help you in making your move green. We are eco-friendly movers. Thus, we use environmentally friendly practices in packing and moving your items.
Recycle your packing materials 

Make sure to recycle your moving boxes after the journey. You can find a fellow mover to give them or advertise online to find a taker of moving boxes. Besides, you can take them to the recycling center instead of throwing them in the trash bin. 

Get your Eco-Friendly Packing with Columbus EkoMovers

Do you have a plan to make a move? Are you worried about your packing and moving process? Do you want to hire eco-friendly movers? You have come to the right place. Make your move stress-free with us. Hence, we help you to make your relocation easy and environmentally friendly. We use eco-friendly supplies in our packing process. 

We plant a tree after every move. So, join our green community and become part of this green movement. We have a dedicated team of specialists who will use eco-friendly supplies to pack your valuable items. Get a free quote today!

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