Moving Mistakes

Most Common Moving Mistakes

Most Common Moving Mistakes

Once the first big cheers about the new apartment are finalized, the real work begins. Moving is like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, relocation opens up many opportunities for a new beginning. On the other hand, the relocation process can quickly end in disaster because of numerous typical moving mistakes that put a heavy strain on the moving budget. It also increases the worries about moving to an unbearable level: wrong moving organization, nasty moving scammers, and unexpected price traps.

The following are common moving mistakes that disturb a smooth moving process.

Major Moving Mistakes When Preparing to Move

Inadequate planning is one of the most common moving mistakes. If you want to move to a new apartment, you should draw up a plan with tasks to be completed three months before moving. Moving checklists with all the key points are available online.

Another pitfall is too few moving boxes. When packing, suddenly, a lot of moving material is missing. The hunt for additional moving boxes costs time and nerves. Professional moving companies offer high-quality moving supplies such as bubble wraps, moving boxes, straps, and others at fair prices.

Some of the other common moving mistakes are as under:

  • Late termination of contracts.
  • The hiring of nonprofessional movers.
  • Too small moving van.
  • Improper furniture disassembling.
  • Damage to furniture while moving by movers.


Scammer Moving Companies

If you want to save yourself from stress and worries, hire a reputable moving company like EkoMovers, a professional moving company in Columbus, OH. But most moving companies cheat their clients and send dubious furniture movers. The lure offers to include daily fixed prices that take into account because of too few working hours. The moving company that offers the cheapest discount price often gets the job—moving for 300 USD in three hours. Sounds great, but in the end, customers pay more. Suddenly, additional costs appear that put a massive strain on the moving fund. Low-cost movers have even more tricks to play with the clients.

  • Extraordinary charges for furniture assembly.
  • Extra costs for cleaning up the basement.
  • Additional fees for moving material.
  • Moon prices for transport insurance.


Always Hire a Reputable Moving Company

In many cases, the cheapest moving company is not the best because they mess up everything during the moving process. Reputable moving companies always offer free moving estimates in advance. How many moving boxes do you need? How many working hours will be required? Many moving companies also offer fixed prices, which means no additional or surprise cost on your final bill.

Professional moving companies do not employ vocational workers or illegal personnel. You can recognize a reputable moving company with excellent service, customizable services, the highest quality, completely transparent prices, and competent specialist advice.

We take care of your professional move. Contact EkoMovers today for a free quote and get stress-free relocation services.

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