Long Distance Moving

What to do before long-distance moving?

What To Do Before Long-Distance Moving?

Moving away from your home? Struggling with house moving services?

Long-distance moving is a delicate matter. Not only do you have to prepare for a new world and be there, but also leave behind the old sweet memories.

The wine stain on your couch you got while at your 21st birthday party? Even oil stains on kitchen walls from the first time your kid ever cooked a meal. Memories from your house are precious, and they shall carry forward with you in your heart!

Prepare a checklist. Keep faith in the moving Gods, this checklist will save you a lot of hassle.

What is a moving checklist?

A moving checklist is essentially creating a list of things you must take care of while moving. It helps to ensure a proper, smooth and happy house moving experience! As melancholic as the thought of moving away from your loved ones sounds, it is inevitable.

How can you make the perfect moving checklist?

To make your moving experience more happy, organized, and well-coordinated, you can refer to the following checklists, and tick away to your glory while you’re at it as well!

Start with the packing!

Use a cling wrap rather than duct tape while Packing.

Cling wraps save lives for days! It is painful to think how much duct tape an average moving session squanders just with two rolls. With cling film, you don’t necessarily waste a lot of tapes, all while making your belongings organized, neat, and safe.

While you are at it, get rid of unwanted stuff. Say bye-bye to commitment issues. You can’t just throw everything out or donate anything. Many objects may be important, but they will just not fit in your new moving house.


How to give unwanted items away?

If you’re having problems getting rid of items you won’t be taking with you, consider holding a garage sale or snapping photos of your belongings and selling them on online platforms such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. You can also host garage sales.

Once you are done with that, it’s time to categorize your belongings.

Put all the items from the same room together to maintain convenience and uniformity. This might sound like an insignificant step, but is actually super convenient!

It is also important to plan out finances for the future. Having a sense of direction concerning monetary references holds great value. Create a budget plan for the average cost of everyday household items before you move out. The costs to contemplate are your new home loan or lease, month-to-month utility expenses, what you’ll spend on vehicle protection, transportation, food, and new furnishings/style, the list is endless! While it is very easy to get off track and splurge every once in a while, keeping in check is of vital importance too! Finances and math are important.

Trust us, it makes your life much, much easier!

Now that you have a sense of lifestyle, it’s time to virtually explore.

Have a look at the nearby area of your new residence using Google Street View. With the blessings of technology, you can have a peek into your new neighborhood all while sitting in the old one! Also, keep emergency contacts, and track down the healthcare specialists nearby while you are at it. Medical emergencies are unseen. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Play it safe and fill the remedies for you, your family, and your pets.

Also, you could find your closest supermarket places, for all emergency midnight snack cravings. The equivalent goes for different sorts of shopping – observe the data in advance as the need might arise to load up on cleaning supplies and equipment, get some new stylistic theme, etc.

Most important of it all, do your research on packers and movers! Movers can make a huge impact on how your experience can be. The initial day of moving could either be a dream or a nightmare depending on the kind of movers you choose. Your moving company needs to understand your personal values regarding certain items all while remaining professional. Efficiency and initiative must be the top two motives of your company. Hence, look around and explore. Settle for the one you resonate with the most.


Where can you find one such organization?

To have a safe option, you could look up your good old long-distance company, EkoMovers.


Where do EkoMovers operate?

EkoMovers currently operates in the Columbus area. Whether you are moving locally to Columbus or going for a long-distance trip, EkoMovers has got your back! Not only do they make your moving experience enjoyable but also affordable. To add the brownie points, they are eco-friendly, and plant a tree every time you book a move!

To look into the best packers and movers company, head over to the EkoMovers website. After all, part of the game is moving on!

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