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Common Misconceptions about Moving and Professional Movers

Misconceptions about Moving and Professional Movers

Moving is the most complex, stressful, and overwhelming event of life. You have to complete all the tasks in a short time. You feel like you never have a moment to relax. Fortunately, you can make this task easier and simple by hiring moving experts. But, when it comes to moving, there are many misconceptions related to moving and professional movers. These misconceptions can lead to damage, several mistakes, loss of your belongings, or anything wrong. But hiring a professional moving company like EkoMovers Columbus makes your move easy, hassle-free, and without loss. 

Let’s get started. 

The following are some common misconceptions about moving and professional movers.  

It’s Economical to Move Yourself

It’s a common misconception that hiring movers is always more expensive than moving by yourself. 

But do you know? 

You sometimes have to pay more when moving by yourself. When you sum up all the different costs later at the end of the moving process, you will know that moving yourself is not a cheaper option.  

Many hidden expenses are present during the moving process. Usually, common people don’t have the right tools, equipment, and techniques. They have to hire these tools on rental. So, it ends up costing more at the end of the process. 

To sum up, hiring professional movers is best to make your move hassle-free.

All Moving Companies Are Scammers 

All moving companies are not scammers and all movers don’t offer the same kind of services. So, this misconception is utterly wrong about moving and professional movers. 

All moving companies are entirely different. They provide various services at different costs. You should compare all the companies according to their rates, quality of services, experience and many more. 

Although all movers are unique, you must select the best one according to your needs and requirements. EkoMovers Columbus is a full-service moving company that provides unique moving and packing services. 

Movers Usually Break Your Belongings  

This is the most common misconception about moving and professional movers. During shifting, many movers break your stuff while packing or loading. People have some valuable and fragile items, and these need to handle with care. 

Many think that movers will not care and pay much attention to their items. 

But! Truth is something else. If you hire a certified and experienced moving company like EkoMovers Columbus to relocate your items, your belongings are safe. We definitely take care of your possessions.  

Further, we have a reputation and good experience in handling the stuff. We have proper equipment and tools to protect the items while transporting things.

The Weekend is the Perfect Time to Move

Mostly, people think that weekends are the perfect time to move. They believe there is no need to go to work these days. Also, they will have enough time to organize the things in a new apartment. 


Many movers don’t offer any discount on weekends. The fact is that the weekends are the busiest days for the movers and packers. It will cost you more if you tend to move on these days. Sometimes, you may not even find any moving company to shift your items on the weekend. 

Moving Is Hectic and Stressful

The common misconception about moving is that shifting is very stressful and exhausting as it includes many tasks such as packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking the stuff.


If the entire moving process is planned correctly, you will not face any issues regarding moving and professional movers. 

You can also make a checklist of things. Also, you should start packing stuff before the actual moving date. So, there is no chaos on the day of shifting. 

The Bottom Line

Getting the correct facts about moving and professional movers is essential for a smoother and more efficient move. EkoMovers Columbus is a full-service moving and packing company. We have a dedicated team of professional movers who handle your belongings carefully. Plan your hassle-free move with us. Contact us now and get a free quote.

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